Singapore Community Day 2007 - Brisbane

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Finally got time to upload the photos I took on my tiiiiny camera from the Makan Besar this past Sunday.

So we started off the day REALLY early (obviously...look at the 2 guys yawning their hearts out above). The students from NSW took the free bus from the city over to Yatala, where the Makan Besar was taking place. I went in Alan's car but we made sure all the students were all set before setting off from the city at the same time.

The day before was very...momentous...as well. (For me at least)
Woke up really early (for a weekend) to meet the NSW students for breakfast. It was fun getting to know another bunch of like-minded Singaporeans again. Making new friends in a relaxed environment always helps break the monotony of the weekly routine.

Alan and I introduced Brisbane (well...talked about it mostly la) to the students and roughly told them what to expect over the next 2 days and where to find certain places on the map. We then let them on their way and proceeded home for a short rest.

BUT my personal 'adventure' didn't end that morning. Some #%@^!%$@ was moving into/out of my apartment building and dropped a plank (presumably a door from a cupboard) through the opening in front of the lift and broke open a sprinkler head within the elevator shaft. Thus flooding the elevator wells.

BOTH the lifts were out of service.
Come on...you can't expect me to climb up 24 floors without seriously incurring some sort of injury no? :S
So I waited...went back into the city to shop a little...bought some 'provisions' at Formosa...went to the building's podium level (the hydraulic lift still worked) and waited. I almost went to the formal dinner that evening dressed like I did in the morning: in shorts and sandals. O_O

Fortunately, the lifts were repaired at 5pm (after a 5hr wait) and I rushed home, got changed, and rushed for the dinner. Fortunately, the dinner was GOOOOD. That helped make the rest of the day seemed worth it. After dinner, the NSW students went off to do their own thing while I was stuck in the restaurant, 'forced' to join in the Karaoke. SIGH!!! I REALLY don't like to be pressured into singing. It should be voluntary and fun no? :P

Anyways...back to Sunday.
Scene: Yatala
After a simple registration and coercion to buy raffle tickets (it was for charity anyways), the event proper started off.


Registration Ladies (Eileen & Christine)

Raffle Ladies (mental note:gotta remember their names!)

As usual, speeches followed but fortunately...they were short and sweet.
Not before long, the food was ready.


And the queuing began again.

Everyone enjoying food from Singapore

There was a short break between the makan and the much awaited Raffle draw scheduled craftily near the end of the day's program.
The organisers arranged SGian games and a movie for the people who hung around.

Carom...ah...the memories

Chinese Chess

Card Games

And even indoor soccer

We even had Durian ok! (which Alan happily 'volunteered' to open)


Finally, the Raffle draw came along and many people were rewarded with prizes and lotsa fun poking fun at the winners. (even I won something; ok...it was only a consolation prize).

And so ended a fun-filled day.
People slowly filtered out of the event grounds.
The silence replaced the whispering and shouting voices that filled the open area.

It was definitely tiring. The volunteers worked hard to distribute the (FREE) food to the people, the 4 wonderful ladies that helped with registration and raffle draw, the organisers who brought everything together, and the people who came down to make this whole event a success.

Next year it'll be held somewhere else but who can ever forget this day we had.
Coming together because we are Singaporeans and to spend a wonderful day together. (hopefully not just for the food)

So here's to a great event and the memories that came with it.

The students & Alan
Why wasn't I in the photo? Was taking the photos la

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Debbie said...

wish i was there to enjoy the fun and games and FOOD!! altho i can have authentic food right here back home but then again, you know the FUN we always have at this sorta rubbish event. boo.