So...with the advent of the new comment system, I will now ask for comments to give you a reason to use it. Hehehe.

The question is, aside from this Blog being a personal diary of sorts, what else do you want to see featured here?

- Interviews with people in Brisbane?
- More techno babble?
- Post interesting links to news that might interest you?
- If so, what news interests you?
- More photos (well...supply of photos depends on what I do during the week)
- More reflective pieces?

Well...come on! Help a guy out!
Tell me what I can include to make this place more interesting.


Chest Freezer said...

A blog, should be about you, yourself, your thoughts and what you wish to reveal to other people. :) There's a little 'perv-ing' thing I guess.

Answering the question of what makes other people tick, what if I were living his life.

I vote: That I want to know more about you, and what you think. Not what you think we would like to read.


Chest Freezer said...

Obviously, because I voted. And I am 100% of the OFFICIAL written vote. We shall hear about Bernie.

Anyone who might object please speak/post now, or forever hold your peace (or within a reasonable time frame)