for a good cuase

havent been posting much cos alot of internalising has been happening...
not really in the mood to write as well.
but this is for a good cause.
a friend of an old friend is in hospital and needs some help.

click HERE to find out more.
have a beer (some of you beer guzzlers can do some good while you enjoy yourselves) and lend a hand.


an interesting website doing something similar

was just surfing the interweb for good site designs when i came across this one:

it is basically a community blog for a bunch of friends who write about anything.
i was like "WAT?" when i read it...it is similar to Red, White & Traveling although we deal with matter concerning us and Singapore.

I was stoked!! the idea aint that dumb after all...


about to explode

i feel like i am going to explode.
words cant describe it....i am going insane.
a surge of emotions
a pain on my side cos of muscle spasms
it's like OD-ing on adrenaline...


advertising another site

i felt like writing something but my mind hasnt sorted out my thoughts as yet, so this entry will be about something else.

a couple of weeks ago, an idea came to mind. after reading through sites like talkingcock.com and mrbrown.com, it came to me...the authors of these sites are people who are stationed in Singapore. doesnt matter if they were overseas before or not. now, they are viewing singapore from someone who is inside. what about the voices of the people viewing home from the outside? and that sparked off an idea. let's start our own blog, featuring articles and thoughts of people currently overseas. with hopefully regular articles, reflections, viewpoints and maybe in the future, podcasts and interviews.
And so...

Red, White & Traveling was born!

so go go....read....support....and if anyone wants to contribute to the site, just leave a message on the tagboard!


an explosion of life

An Explosion of Life

i feel reflective today...a somber feeling always appear around me when I watch Honey and Clover.
i start to think about life, purpose, goals, and where i am moving towards...
is life just a brief moment of glory?
is life just like an explosion of fireworks?
a brief moment of true brilliance but leaving behind a void of thundering silence.
or should we look at it from another angle; that life is exactly like an explosion of fireworks, leaving behind a warm and yearning feeling in the hearts of all those who witnessed its brief, exuberant glory?


oh wat another fun weekend

tired tired!!!
haha...all from the 'partying' of the weekend.
all started on friday night with joel's housewarming, which was great...ate my fill of bbq food, met a few new people, learnt a little staff spinning, hung out at their place till an unholy hour, and finished it all off with? : a game of WoW with Gavin on the other end...lol. Imagine, all that in just one night.

Saturday was great as well. Went into the city for a shop, bought a game at a super cheap (even I was surprised) price, made prata, watched Riverfire (it was more fun this year, the scenario, the people, no stress), came home to hang out, watched "Magic Kitchen" on SBS and finally watching the "DF or SF" scene (LOL!!!).
The best part of this night was when everyone was in the living room and we were discussing the 'no hum' thing as usually, then Iron Chef came on and lo and behold, the secret ingredient was...drumroll...CLAMS!!! ROFL!!!

Took so many Photos at Riverfire but I was only satisfied with the ones shown below:

Some old photos came out nicely as well.
Citycat Ride to Doris T's


having a low kind of day

YAWN...i am sleepy.
despite a full night's rest, i am still low on energy.
perhaps it is the lack of oxygen thing i was talking to mervyn about...hmm
anyways...that isnt the only thing that is low since this morning.
my spirits are low as well...
it all started with the tired feeling when i woke, and following my routine of watching anime before i leave for work, i watched Honey & Clover II Episode 4.
right from that point on, i felt crappy.
perhaps it is the subject matter of the episode, perhaps it is the lonely trip to work this morning, perhaps it is the glaring sun that felt like sarcasm whenever i saw its rays reflected on a building.
i honestly dont know.
all i felt was an enormous lack of self worth
does it matter if i never existed?
most people (if not all) ask this same question at some point in their lives. i just didnt think it'll be so early (and this often) in mine.
the world would still spin normally; the air will still be polluted; Pluto will still be declassified as a planet.
if there was a reason i was placed here, it hasnt revealed itself, nor do i expect it to.
like a shattered vase, no matter how much glue you use to stick the pieces together, it will never be the same strong work of art ever again. that is how i feel: broken, shattered, damaged...