So cute!!!!!!!
Makes me just wanna...(evil laughter)



My Other Time Waster

Haha...well...wonder what else I do in my free time?
I go into a forum and spend my precious time chatting with other people.

Anyways...The CowBoyBar (tt's the name) is re-launching and as requested...this is a plug for the forum.
Anyone interested in meeting or chatting with new people (mostly very very interesting...and usually very horny...HAHA) please check it out!

It can be found at http://cowboybar.liquidblade.com/.

My nick in the forum (for now) is gunmetal:red
So look me up!


A Little "Less" For Wear

There are days when I feel like I shouldn't have made changes to what fate has arranged for me. Today is one of them. I should've been back in Brissy on Sunday. But because I meddled...the date was changed to a week later. (With the help of great people of course)

Just a "low" I guess. Started slow in the morning and then dragged myself over to the National Museum to finish off the "tour" of the main gallery. Finally able to watch and go through all the remaining displays and videos. Really learnt (more like re-learnt) the history of my own country. The place where I grew up...no matter how screwed up I am...it is home. And I find myself aligned to this place very well. No matter how society here has taken "Status" and "Pay Scale" as benchmark for comparing one to the next person (something I detest), it might not be enough to tear me away totally. Home is...well...Home.

Tired and sleepy and a very early start tomorrow morning.
I feel like...crap.
Like I said at the beginning...it has been a bad-ish day...I feel a little "Less". Less of what? Dunno...just..."Less".

I want to feel "More"! More to live for...more to look forward to...more things to love and care for. What can I do to get that? I still feel the "monster" there. I need to slay it. I just need a little help.


Survivor Singapore: Hedonism Island

So let's see...firstly update from my last visit at about...a week ago?
The week has been pretty packed actually...so packed it just disappeared.

Monday was SUPER cos of the KTV session (photos to hopefully follow soon) and the best company of people to be with la. Debs, Ames and Merv; a few people missing but I can't complain ;).

Tuesday was more of catchup with the "family". Finally had a chance to meet up with Greg and Jo for dinner. Jo was late (according to Greg...a normal thing) but we went to Le Maisons(?) in "The Central" beside Clark Quay for dinner. Sort of a cross between Japanese and Western Cuisine. NICE. Then we proceeded to Brew Works(?) for drinks. Totally fun and nostalgic. The family (Jo being the Father, Greg the normal son and me, the retarded son :P) back together again for a night of catching up and suaning (mostly at my expense). It's no wonder I turned out a little screwed up...hahaha....all the teasing as a kid must have done some damage. (OI! you guys are responsible!)

Wednesday was another solid day. Caught the restage of "Beauty World" at the Esplanade courtesy of Debs. But immediately before that, had coffee with Nat and Merv and his sister Eileen at Starbucks, Raffles City. Anyways...back to the musical. Was totally distracted in the first half cos I need the toilet. Irritating la. We were late cos of the place we had dinner at. It was slow and we only made the show by seconds and only by running to the theatre. :S
We then spent time eating and stuffing ourselves at Glutton's Bay beside the Esplanade till about 2am. We were soooo tired but tt's what was fun about it. Good friends and good company cannot deter the primal need for sleep.

On Thursday, had dinner with Kent, Serene, Dao, Melissa and Weixin joined us later for coffee. Another gang of people I LOVE to hang out with. Sigh. It just made me miss the days back in Brissy when everyone was still there...hanging out...partying. Gone are the days of being students. Everyone is moving on. Getting married...planning to get married...ARGH. Driving me nuts!

Friday I received great news. Aunt Pat, Debs's mum, found me a flight for next Sunday. WOOHOO!!! I don't need to rush like a madman anymore and I get a chance to spend more time with a select few people ;). Plus I can go through the Tourist's List of Things to do. Going for a few exhibits at the Museum for example. Heh.
Had afternoon tea with Aunt Pat and Merv at Parkway Parade (another place that is nostalgic from my childhood). We had a good chat, the 3 of us. Very very enjoyable.
Dinner was spent with some people from CowBoyBar. It was my first time meeting some of them so it was exciting and interesting. Had steamboat over at East Coast. (amazing how I am already in the area) Mmmmmm.....the food was gooooood. I think I ate too much. Hahahaha.

And today...stayed indoors for most of the day. My nose is totally irritated from a Cold and I just wanted to sleep. So I did. Even pushed my family dinner to a family lunch tomorrow. But I eventually succumbed to my stomach growling and went down to the coffee shop alone for some makan.
Wow...talk about indulging in absolute gastronomical pleasure. Ok la...not THAT hedonistic but close enough.
Fried Beehoon with Ice Milo followed shortly after with Hokkien Mee with a glass of Iced Lemon Tea. It was at that point that I realised that staying in Singapore might be dangerous for me. Food is tooooooo easily accessible. OMG!
I was stuffed and satisfied and decided to write a bit. (thus this entry)

I wonder if staying around longer for a few days will cause me more harm or not.
The events to be uncovered over the next week will tell.


Prelude to Bliss

It has been a busy day.
Eugene, a classmate from CJC, got married today.
I am so envious...haha...maybe? I dunno.

I got involved with everything only from last night actually.
When we finally met up to have the video tested on my laptop and to go through the schedule for today. Would've written something last night but just didnt feel up to it then.

But today...some of the other guys (Kenneth, Lenard and Alvin) had a super early morning helping out with the tea ceremony. I slowly got out of bed and reached Immaculate Heart of Mary at around 9.30am. From then...it was a mad rush to get things set up...test PA systems and in-house projectors that refused to work no matter what I threw at it.

But somehow....amidst all the setbacks and last minute planning (play-by-ear mostly), everything worked out. God blessed indeed. I mean...even when we found out that the video for the dinner portion of the program was not working...eventually we were able to solve the issue and even work out some new hiccups (a missing music CD) along the way.

It was so fun meeting up with the old classmates again. The few of them have definitely grown closer together and built a great friendship back here...back home. Something I regret not being able to be part of. But that's another story for another time. Back to Eugene and Akiko's Wedding.

Siiiiiiigh...They looked so happy together. I guess I really am envious. To have made so many memories with each other and have so many things to show for. To have been there for each other for the past 6 yrs...from strangers to friends and now...a married couple. And it's only the beginning of their lives. I never thought that I would actually yearn for that so much.

I guess we (we as in everyone?) all crave what we find most lacking from our lives. So what am I lacking? Someone to share my life with? Someone to love and cherish for the rest of my life...for richer or poor...thru sickness and in health...till death separates us. Is this "condition" a prelude to possible Bliss?


A New Year Un-Resolution

Something you gain when one year passes and another begins.
What have I done last year that I can be proud of?
Nothing particular comes to mind immediately.
That really does reveal the tone of the whole year gone by.
(Maybe this is just because I have not slept since 2 nights ago and am now very very very slooooooow)

I don't think I got the energy to write anything long today so I'll just say this.
For the year 2008, I strive to NOT expect anything from the year ahead.
Not to resolve to do anything constructive or imaginative.
Just live everyday normally and with nothing great planned.

Maybe this way...something positively memorable might actually happen.