The End of Another Olympics

Oh well...back to the mundane...that is normal life.
No more sports to watch when I go home. (Well...sports I actually want to watch)
No more beloved basketball matches which I have missed for >7 years.
Back to the usual TV programs that will devour your soul if you watch them week after week.
Oh well...let the soul rot begin!


Celebrating Singapore

Ok...let's get the photos out of the way first shall we?

Singapore Club's National Day Ball 2008

Singapore National Day Ball 2008

It has been a while since I wrote something.
Finally got some time (and patience) to sit at my computer, upload the photos and post it up here. It has been a very weird time these past few weeks.
Busy yet not insanely busy.
Tiring yet not overly overwhelming.
Sleepy...you get the idea.

And as usual...a long period of self-discovery. Rousing thoughts of regret and loneliness but yet not all that bad. Knowing the cause of a problem can lead to means of finding my own version of happiness...or at least...some form of peace.

All this somehow links up with being all patriotic about being Singaporean. I love being Singaporean. Happy to be Singaporean. The Olympics allowed me to present myself in that light. To support the Singapore table tennis team even if almost everyone else didn't give them credit or at least...have some faith that they might have had a chance to get Gold.

Lindsay brought up a good point. Most Singaporeans are very negative people. Focusing on the Bad first before even considering the Good. The lack of faith is horrible. Some might retort "It's not about faith...but about being practical". HA! Having faith in something means NOT being practical. IF more people had some faith...or perhaps a little more prayer somewhere along the line, our hopes and well wishes might have reached the Singapore Team.

Another interesting read just this week was PM Lee's National Day Rally Speech. Mainly about how young Singaporeans need to start pairing up and start families. About how the government attempt to help.
It was quite amusing.
More amusing was a blog entry I found from Tomorrow.sg that commented on that part of the PM's Address.
It can be found HERE.
Just read it...it's great.

Taking the day off tomorrow to take a proper break (esp since I was in the office last Wednesday on EKKA Holiday). Taxes and personal accounts need to be done as well. SIGH. Gonna try and really get my home buying going so I'll need to get all my paperwork and money in order. Growing Pains! HAHA

Having just watched "Princess Diaries 2" on DVD again...I finish this new entry with thoughts of Destiny and perhaps...even the possibility of True Love on my mind. Hopefully I'll have a great dream.

Gdnight! ;)