Embrace the 'Now' - A message to everyone I know

Sounds like a self-improvement tagline or something someone would say at a religious retreat no?
But this thought just popped into mind and I thought to share it with you.

From the looming possibility of escalated conflict and war around the world to the preached chaos spear-headed by people who do not and will not accept people different from themselves, it seems petty and childish for ourselves to focus on our own little conflicts and disagreements.

What I am proposing is for you to make up with one person with whom you have a disagreement with (be it a fight, an argument, or even a seething hatred) and close that distance between the 2 of you.
Be the gracious one,
Be the first to apologise
Be the first to extend a hand of friendship
Be the first to give a hug
Be the first to perform an unexpected act of kindness
Be the first to accept the other person despite their short-comings (you have them too)

If everyone started with these or something similar), we wouldn't have all these conflicts around us. The world might end tomorrow because some over zealous fool presses the red button. So why leave for tomorrow something you can fix today, before it might be too late.

I am not trying to be religious or self righteous, the next step IS yours and yours alone.
But for me...I am going to try and be nicer to people around me and extend my Love to them as I hoped to be Loved in return.

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