Ok...so I havent been blogging as promised

Haha...the title kinda self-explains this entry.
And yes...I DID mention I will TRY to write every 2 days minimum?
That makes the last supposed day to be Thursday last.
Oh well...better late than never I say.

Nothing really exciting happened during the week though.

The diet shakes are doing their thing and keeping me full during breakfast and lunch.
Kinda made up a plan for the whole change.
Gonna try this meal replacement shake regime loosely for about a month, just to get used to it.
For now...I'll be following the recommendations of the plan loosely.
I will just eat like I have been eating normally for that one normal meal of the day.
In a month's time, I will go stricter on myself and actually control the amount of carbs I take. (According to the explanation) This will make my body EAT itself...haha...well...more like using the stored fats and stuff and using that as the main source of carbs instead of the rice, noodles, etc that I usually consume.

Target? 1KG a week. Hopefully more at the start. So I guess an average of 1KG a week.
And hopefully I can maintain this for a year. So that's 52KG by next Oct? I'll be almost my perfect weight for my height.
Optimistic! Stay Optimistic!

Gonna get started on the exercise as well. Little by little of course. Swimming first I think. Then some light gym work soon after. Gotta get my arms back to my old strength, like when I was in the Army. Hehehe...strong arms are GOOOOD!

So WHY the sudden interest in getting healthier suddenly?
I want to say its for my health and to satiate the people who love and care for me.
But that is not really the case I guess.
Its a little vain and sad to some (but who cares), but its really about getting myself a girlfriend.
So...secondary school eh?
I sorta just decided to screw the 'personality will overcome' and 'looks doesnt really matter' malarchy.
Nobody is gonna even look at my personality if I can get someone to consider being with me without feel disgusted by how I look.
So there you go...a simple reason.

Back to the updates...nothing exciting happened until Friday night.
Alan had 2 friends arrive from SG who are migrating to Australia. So together with Justin and Lindsay, we decided to take them to that Thai place that Mervyn brought me on Tues. The curries were soooooo good la. Makes me regret starting my diet now. LOL.

After dinner, we dropped by Mount Coot-tha to show them around. PLUS Jamie & Sylvia just arrived in Brissy for a short holiday, so we met them there as well to catch up. It was fun.

So now comes the all dramatic part (well...not really). Came home around 12, I tooted around the living room for a bit, watched some J-Dramas, played Facebook, and went to bed @ 2am while Lindsay continued to stay awake for the Rugby World Cup Opening. I had planned to wake up to watch the match as well but I ended up waking @ 5.30am, 30 mins into the first half.

Everyone was already in the living room. Haha...Chris, Lindsay, Nadia and Damien, and Kristofer (Damien's friend). I looked like a zombie walking into the living room la. Lucky they didnt mind (it IS my apartment no? :P). The opening match between France and Argentina was goooood. Argentina won but it was close. So close. Its a good sign for things to come this RWC.

Chris, Lindsay, Nadia and me had breakkie at Jeremy's after. Niiiice. Poached eggs, with Hollandaise over a slice of sour dough plus a sausage on the side. Almost the perfect breakfast if not for the terrible Chai I had. :P
Went straight to bed after that. Woke up @ 2, cleaned up the living room a bit, watched Torchwood on my PC for the rest of the afternoon until I went for mass. Didn't want to risk missing it tomrw if I couldn't wake up. Had dinner with Alan and his 2 friends (Robin and I cannot remember his wife's name again...SORRY!!!). Mervyn also joined us at the end. Ending the night, we went to 3 Monkeys and Justin joined us eventually as well after his dinner with his mom for her Bday.

All in all, a great few days I think.
New Zealand THRASHED Italy and Australia THRASHED Japan even more.
Yaaawn...its late. I should go to bed.
Tomrw night we're going for out for dinner again...I need to stock up more shakes!
Hahaha...gdnight people.
Have fun blogging!

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