Life Changes Life

Its been a while since I wrote again (well...a week actually).
I guess it takes more than just events to get me writing regularly.
Sometimes you just need to...'feel' the words...you know?
Anyways...I digress...

Quite a few things have happened over the past week.
There was the BBQ on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Jeff's bday.
Justin and I finally hammered down an arrangement for 20 Good Reasons that I am gonna use for my album.
And last night, we went to Il-Centro to celebrate Lindsay's bday.
All THAT...among other things.

I know I know...I still haven't written about the Dinner @ AC&UM's, the SSA Lawn Bowls nor the Hari Raya dinner. Hmm...Maybe I should update on that...but it'll make this post too long. Hahaha...I'll shelve it again.

So what has happened? Let's see.
On Saturday we had a little BBQ over my mine to celebrate Jeff's bday. Mervyn and I thought that it is a good idea to gather some friends over as well to have a mini-gathering at the same time. We had just enough food...it was amazing. I think there were a couple of steaks left (which Merv left in my fridge...still there btw) that we didn't cook but compared to past events...this was great. We all ate our fill definitely.
Photos to come soon.

On Sunday, after watching Matt on Aussie Idol do his version of 20 Good Reasons, I finally decided on the style of songs I want for the album.
Laid back and relaxed acoustic.
So I had a word with him online and we decided to give it a go on Monday night. Which we did. And without jumping the gun too much, I thought it turned out very nice. All we gotta do is work out a few more songs and hopefully...we'll start recording again soon. Hopefully there won't be a need for too much post-production as well.
Target: Still Christmas.

And last night was the best la...went to Il-Centro for dinner. Lindsay bought herself a bottle of Champagne and shared it with Nadia, Joel and myself.
Mmmmmm.....taste of the rich....hahaha.
It was good fun and good foooooooooooooooooood.
OMG...the Kangaroo Striploin I had was to die for!
And it wasn't gamey...tt's the best part. Usually when I prepare my own Kangaroo steaks...it turns out gamey. But still nice of course. ;)
We came back after dinner and had cake (to Lindsay's horror).
Didn't go to bed till 1am cos I was sitting in my room after that practicing singing. HARD WORK!
Photos to come as well.

But all that came to a minor halt when I woke up this morning feeling, firstly, bloated...the dinner was too rich I think...hahaha. And secondly, depressed cos of waking up alone after a fun night. But of course...it didn't come out of no where. There is always a reason. This time...it was finding out some...news from back home.

Through my various sources (can't reveal it else it'll be too obvious), I found out that the girl I mentioned a while back...the definitive crush of my life...is engaged. (crowd: GASPS! Oh dear!)
YES! That also lead up to the definitive punch to my gut.
I guess taking it into perspective...it shouldn't matter cos I chose not to tell her about my feelings back then. And even then...it probably wouldn't have worked out anyways. She was the gorgeous super-smart girl that everyone loved. I was the fat, loud and untalented fool (not to mention...not very smart) who was silently infatuated with her.

That said...it still hurts to know that she is probably gone from reach...forever. I can't control it. It just does. I'd wish it away if I could...but that's just wishful thinking. Like all so many of my other stupid emotions that I experience on a daily basis. :(

Hug me to make me feel better?


The one compared to a summer's day

A scene from a movie popped into mind just now.
It is a scene from the movie "It's a Boy-Girl Thing".
Another chick flick about 2 people who swapped bodies.
Haha...but that's not important.
It's the line in the movie that struck me.
There was a scene when the 'girl' was teaching the 'guy' who was in her body about Shakespeare.
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
I never knew that it meant "You are HOT!"
Haha...interesting isn't it?

I've always wondered how things might have turned out if I took English Literature on a tutor's advice instead of Geography back in Junior College.
For one thing, I'll be in a different class.
Cos my class was strung together because of Geography; the common subject.
With Geog, Econs and Maths C, I would've been in Arts3 instead of Arts4.
Don't think there was a Geog, Lit and Maths C combination back then.
Anyways...the people whom I called classmates would've been different and things might have turned out VERY differently indeed.

Aside from the minor changes here and there...I probably wouldn't have gotten myself injured back then playing in the inter-class tournaments.
I wouldn't have been placed into Pes C in the Army and become an army Mechanic.
I wouldn't have met the people who would've influenced my decision to come to Australia to study.
Hell...I might not even have needed to come to Australia.
I wouldn't have met the people here, stayed here and become the person I am today.
I would have continued after the NUS orientation camp (which I attended 'illegally') the friendships I made in those few days.
Among them might have been the girl I might spend the rest of my life with.
But that said...being here...I might be on my way to meet this girl still.

Life would've been extremely different, come to think of it.
If I never left Singapore, I might still be that naive boy who doesn't question things when they happen or when they are told to me.
I wouldn't question that people should be treated equally, no matter Race, Creed, Religion EXCEPT Sexual Orientation. (Geddit? Hahaha)
I fact...I think if I stayed in Singapore, I might be one of those people who stays in church all the time and never questioning the 'wisdom' of the church.
WOW...I can't imagine myself being that person.

A flap of a little butterfly's wings can truly and possibly create a hurricane at the other end of the world.

And guess what?
I might NEVER have found out what the phrase "compare thee to a summer's day" meant.


New 'Shoutbox'

Well...it is Cbox now.
It looks better than the old one.
And I realised most people use this one anyways.
So comon! Post something...

Going to write about my past weekends soon...


Mo' Photos and B-O-W-L-ing

Group Photo 3
Originally uploaded by nuttytentacle

So some new photos as usual. (Damned I am a camera nut)
Lets see...

Dinner at AC&UM's -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/nuttytentacle/tags/makanatacandums/

Bare Foot Bowls with the students -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/nuttytentacle/tags/2007octstudentsbarefootbowls/

Hari Raya Dinner @ SONG! -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/nuttytentacle/tags/dinneratsong/

I am not going to blog about the events tonight la.
Too tired.
Will do so very soon.
But enjoy the photos!


Emmy Madness



Bollywood English

Oh dear...hahaha...Madiq sent me this last night and it was soooo farnie.

Then tonight...on CBB...someone else posted this next vid.

Both are from the same person on Youtube but HAHAHA...talk about coincidence siah.
Plus they're REALLY farnie.
Sigh...my I got headache from laughing.


The Weekend Away

Ah...the weekend was over so quickly.
I have to say...this has been one of the better weekends for a long while.
Had to purposely push all appointments away to really enjoy myself.
Looking back...it was one of the best decisions I made.

So Friday Joel had his housewarming.
It was fun. It was...surreal even.
Hahaha...no crazy parties or loud banging music.
More chilling and sitting around talking about nonsense and watching crap on Youtube.
His friends are fun to hang around with.
Different indeed.
No doom and gloom and all the positive energy is good.
I felt recharged somewhat.
Not to mention learning a new way to enjoy Sambuca.

The girls wanted to go test out the pool at Joel's apartment building so we ended up there after lunch at Elevator32.
It was good to finally be back in the pool after so long.
I felt good in the water.
I feel lighter. ROFL.
But when I jumped into the pool, my faithful watch finally chucked it in and died.
Well...more like the watch frame cracked and the strap came off one end.
8 yrs ok!
But this just means I get to buy myself a new watch...heheh.

And so I did...on Sunday.
After church (of which I went early), I dropped by Fossil @ Queens Plaza and got myself this sweet little toy.

Fossil FS-4154

It is one large watch but I like it.
The weight makes it feel solid.
Confidence building indeed.

So ends a great (albeit quick) weekend.
I need more of these.
We'll see.