Where Are You My Love

Not really a poem but more like a letter to the one I am destined to be with:

Where are you my love?
I am still waiting for you.
Have we met already?
Are you already by my side?
I yearn for you everyday.
Waking up every morning is torture without you by my side.
That sweet look you have when you are asleep.
I kiss you on your forehead as I brush off that stray hair.
Realising you are finally in my arms, I tighten my embrace.
I am the luckiest guy in the world to have found you.
Have you found me?
Why can't I see you yet?
Where are you?
Do you even exist?
The person who will love me as much as I will love you.
Never to let go.
Every moment spent without you is a torture.
And so I am a tortured soul wandering day after day.
Waiting for us to meet.
Have we met?
Do we already know each other?
Why do I ask this, you wonder?
Until destiny brings you to me, to be the eternal matchmaker for us, with the right scene, the right time and the right words, we have not met.
I loved you even before I met you.
Because I know the value of love.
Will we meet eventually?
Till then I will wait...For the day we finally find each other.

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