The Weekend Away

Ah...the weekend was over so quickly.
I have to say...this has been one of the better weekends for a long while.
Had to purposely push all appointments away to really enjoy myself.
Looking back...it was one of the best decisions I made.

So Friday Joel had his housewarming.
It was fun. It was...surreal even.
Hahaha...no crazy parties or loud banging music.
More chilling and sitting around talking about nonsense and watching crap on Youtube.
His friends are fun to hang around with.
Different indeed.
No doom and gloom and all the positive energy is good.
I felt recharged somewhat.
Not to mention learning a new way to enjoy Sambuca.

The girls wanted to go test out the pool at Joel's apartment building so we ended up there after lunch at Elevator32.
It was good to finally be back in the pool after so long.
I felt good in the water.
I feel lighter. ROFL.
But when I jumped into the pool, my faithful watch finally chucked it in and died.
Well...more like the watch frame cracked and the strap came off one end.
8 yrs ok!
But this just means I get to buy myself a new watch...heheh.

And so I did...on Sunday.
After church (of which I went early), I dropped by Fossil @ Queens Plaza and got myself this sweet little toy.

Fossil FS-4154

It is one large watch but I like it.
The weight makes it feel solid.
Confidence building indeed.

So ends a great (albeit quick) weekend.
I need more of these.
We'll see.

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