Memoirs of a Displaced Singaporean [Part5] - Signing off from the SG

My holiday is over.
In a few hours, I'll be on a plane heading back to the OZ.
It was fun, it was eye-opening, it was good for me...perhaps.
Hopefully...NO...2009 WILL be a good year.
Learning from an old friend..."I" will make 2009 happier for myself.
Despite the bad things that will still happen...I will make the effort to do happy things, things that make me happy.
Gonna actually take a piece of advice I give others all the time, and that is to "SMILE".
A smile will bring another smile to another person...even if they are smiling cos they think I am crazy.

So here I am...last day of being in a place called "Home".
My room, my HDB flat, my family, my friends...Good Bye, Have a HAPPY 2009 and see you next time. (Overly dramatic but hey...that's who I am...love it or bugger off)


The Doctor says it best

Quoted from Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special (The Next Doctor)

"They leave because they should or because they find someone else. And some of them, some of them … forget me. I suppose in the end, they break my heart."


Memoirs of a Displaced Singaporean [Part4] - Happy New Year!!!

There was a post I didn't have the time to complate writing back then.
Here it is: http://nuttytentacle.blogspot.com/2008/10/days-end-melbourne-day-3-4.html

It is 2009!
Photos from the NYE Party can be found here:

New Year's Eve 2008 @ Pan Pac

It was a fun night all in all.
But it was also a night of reflection.
Having friends to chat with does help when you need to find some direction whilst lost.
It was bitter sweet...the whole night I mean.
Perhaps I needed to hear those words from someone I would listen to.
Maybe last night was exactly what I needed.
Who knows?

Didn't sleep a wink and got home only around 8.45am this morning.
Crashed totally...didn't wake up till around 3-4pm.
Irritating thing is this pain I have on my right ankle.
Weird...maybe I placed it in a terrible position while sitting on a crappy ottoman the whole night.
Oh well...hope it gets better soon.
Gonna be another long day tomorrow.
I should rest soon...but with thoughts trailing from last night...I wonder if I could actually get a good rest or not.

Anyways...Happy New Year Everyone!
Have a Blessed and Fruitful 2009.