The One With The Downer Day

Today is just one of those days.
Woke up feeling down.
Not that I had a bad sleep...just didn't feel great when I awoke.
Checked my potential class for tomorrow only to find it cancelled for some unknown reason.
There was a student enrolled in it yesterday.
Felt shafted again.
ANGRY but nothing I can do about it.
Still waiting for a reply with the job application at another institution.
This sucks.


The One With The Anger

Today was a day when I was angry...ANGRY!
People around me was none-the-wiser of course.
I was so angry!

Angry at people who didn't have any concern over how their actions might hurt or damage me...or that it was done with so little care....the level of nonchalance was INFURIATING!

Mixed in with a dab of insecurity of what is to happen over the next few months, a touch of physical soreness that I experience everyday and finally a horrible expensive lunch sent me almost over the top.

I was exploding inside.
I wanted something bad to happen to this unnamed person.
Let him feel some fear and pain.
The power he has over people's lives must probably make him superior.
Damned him!
I know it is wrong to wish bad things upon others but I cannot stop how I feel this time.
This is the 2nd time I was shafted in 2 years....by the same organisation and person!
F**k him!


A first for 2012

Well. It has been a while since I wrote anything. Seems not so long ago though. It's almost march and the new year felt like it was only a days back. So here I am now again at the food court in MacArthurs.

I want to say that is has been an exciting year to date but it really hasn't. CQU's summer semester ended like a flash. Working at the accommodations office also felt like a dream. So quickly over like a dream anyways.

This coming week marks the first week of the first semester for 2012 in the universities. I am back to teaching the database and programming classes again at CQU. Might be exciting and different because we will have domestic students joining us now. We will see.

Also got a part time gig working for the ISS in QUT to make changes to their systems. New territory but should be fun...hopefully.

All the unknowns are killing me. Lol.


Year end review 2011

This is when I usually review the year and look at all the good times with a smile and sigh at all my regrets.

This year I am not going to.

It has been an interesting year. Not a good one, but an interesting one.

Doesn't matter though.
2012 will be better. Plans are in place. And I know what I need to do.

So happy new year you all. And have a great 2012!!!