A Change of Perspective

I had this page opened in my browser for more than a week and I finally buckled down and read it top to bottom.

It's a good read really.

Despite the image I had of MM LKY in my mind, I was quite impressed with his points of view. Especially when several of them actually mirror my own. In areas concerning religion and national (more like societal) responsibilities, we actually have quite similar opinions (based on this interview of course).

If you gave this piece (and LKY) a chance, free from emotional outcry, you can actually see that he is actually very 'forward thinking'. Unlike the image most of us have of a man unwilling to let go of the reins and of the past.

Maybe it's the 'morning brain' or maybe it's that leftover ice coffee I left in the fridge, but one this is for sure, my respect of LKY and confidence in my own views have grown somewhat a little this morning.




Can people be damaged to a point that they cannot be healed back to when they first started?
A not-so-random thought.




Adding Twitter into my everyday life.
It's now on my blog, facebook and iPhone.
Can't escape the world...so lets join it.

Amazingly...I actually hit the limit on my NIB pharmaceutical claim limit for 2009.
Haha...that's all good but my Nov and Dec claims were non-existent!

Least that is off my list of things to do.
Gotta post Deb's stuff...already got the mail parcel...all I need now is to bubble wrap the thing.
*** LAZY ***


Another Year...Another...

I wonder what the new year beholds.
It's almost dawn It's dawn already and I still am not in bed.
Probably not a good way to start a new year, a new work week.
Fortunately I do not have classes till Wednesday.
Another WHOLE day.
But I love it nonetheless.

So what do I need to do once I awake?
  • collect mail
  • claim medical from NIB
  • finish marking assignments and returning them to students
  • prepare a revision for my programming students
  • eat
  • breathe once so often
  • drink
In no particular order of course.

Maybe I'll start to write a lot more this year.

Just finished watching "The End of Time" Parts 1 and 2 of Doctor Who.
David Tennant's last appearance on the show.
And the 'death' of 10th Doctor.
I miss him already...