A Letter to my 16 year old self (Inspired by Ames)


It has been almost 14 years since I last saw you.
Almost half my lifetime ago.
You are about to take your 'O' Level Exams to determine which path you'll take for the next 2-3 years before serving NS(not THAT bad as it sounds).

So why is an older version of yourself writing to you?
1. Warnings!
2. Words of Wisdom
3. Cos I have nothing better to do while waiting for students to show up for class. (YES! You end up a teacher (for now) and possess dry humour)

[Secondary School]
Please do study harder for your 'O's.
You'll do just fine at the pace you're at and after some running around (literally), you eventually get into the JC you want.
But before you do that, it'll be great if you had more choices. Don't just aim for the school you want.
Aim higher!
Prove to yourself and others that you can actually achieve anything you aspire to OR you might end up having to "prove yourself" every step of the way in the future.



Blogging @ MacArthurs

It seems that I blog only when I come here for lunch on Sundays whenever I am alone for the weekend.

Not bad really. The place is cleaned up and all nicely renovated. They even have a sushi bar and Hanaichi open on Sunday now. Yum.

Eye candy has also increased. Haha. Japanese candy. It's like this place is a chosen hotspot. Not bad not bad.

Coincidentally...my lunch is made up of jap food items only. Pork curry rice topped off with a salmon roll and a karaage roll. Washed down with a bottle of lychee tea. Ah!!! The good life.

Now onto grocery shopping and hopefully ...some more marking done.
Sigh. Aside from the Onde Onde I made yesterday, I didn't do anything constructive at all this weekend.