Burn...burn the skies with fire and music

Brisbane River Festival 2007 - Riverfire
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So here it is again...River Festival in good ol' Brisbane.
Missing people here.
Sigh...there are a few people I wish are here to share this with but I guess the photos are the only way I can share this with them.

If you wanna see the ones I picked out, go to my Flicker account and have a browse.

So today was sorta a slow but very busy day.
Started with lunch at Chinatown with Jeff and then back to our place for a movie, take-away from the Taj (we bought too much again), watched the fire works from my balcony (which is apparently quite a good place this year), Mervyn joining us after we put in Zoolander into the machine, Justin coming over just as I was uploading the photos.

Hahaha....it might sound boring but I was/AM so tired right now la.
Maybe it is cos of my allergies acting up...but hey...who cares. It was a night to remember and I had fun.

Lindsay bought a new coffee table for the living room so now most of the furniture in the living room fits a theme of sorts. Oh, did I mention Lindsay went with Nadia and Sonia to IKEA today for a browse? Haha.

So I am here now finally...sleepy and tired and about to retire. Nonetheless...I yearn for someone to share this moment with. (Well...more like when the fireworks were going off)
The one I wish was here isnt.
Sigh...wat a crappy feeling that is.
Maybe its just my blocked nose.

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