Lost Time (with my UMPC)

Sigh...I found out today that Fedex doesnt divert packages to Aussie Post if no one is at home.
You need to either divert the package to another address (which costs more money) or be home when they next come by.
So I went for the divert. Which costs $15 dollars more. Sigh...troublesome siah.
Plus that means I could have the Samsung Q1 in my hands now (maybe even blogging from it) if I had told the seller to send it to the office.

Mental Note: Always divert Fedex and UPS packages to the office

I am so bored...lucky got "Love Actually" on the tele and Nadia and Linds just came back with another CASE of Pure Blondes.
Hahaha...I cant drink....sick...UGH!!!!

Anyways...just needed to bitch...cant wait to get the Q1 in my hands.


Genesis of Self Harm

It usually starts with a word, an innocent word.
You ignored it at first but then it suddenly returns.
It festers in your mind and before you know it, you are focusing on the bad things it represents.
You become conscious of it.
You try to snap out of it but only to bring about more painful memories.
The pain from your past suddenly re-surfaces.
In your gut.
In your chest.
Your heart starts to beat faster, faster than it should.
A headache sets in.
Pain grips your chest; you can't breath.
Tears well up on the sides of your eyes.
You just want it to end.
You don't want to remember the pain.
Every instance of rejection floods your thoughts.
Things you thought you got over but now they bulldoze over the little bit of sanity left in you.
It's illogical but it feels as real as the hands in front of you.
You feel tired...your chest still feels tight.
Self doubt sets in hard.
You aren't good enough for anyone.
No one will ever love you.
You'll forever be alone.
You can no longer control the tears from falling.
You want it to end.
And then you see the blade sitting on the table...

Portablilty Rocks! (?)

So...got a new craze recently.
Got into researching portable computers and I came across something I read up once long long time ago: Small-form computers.
Or in this day and age, Ultra Portable PCs (UMPCs).

I cannot remember clearly but OQO probably made the first ultra portable PC that I have ever seen on the Internet.
But look how far this market has moved on since then (probably around 2002 when I first found out about them).

How did I end up in this huge hole of excitement? I stumbled across a set of websites that gave UMPCs lots of focus and well...I found their arguments for the UMPC's viability compelling. They are
and this blog

After hours of reading and watching videos introducing the different devices in the market and upgrading options for the crazed techie tweaker, I finally decided to get myself one to try out.

The one I finally decided to buy (and did purchase) is this one.

The Samsung Q1

A full 1GHz of processing power (now...for those who just went...WAT? SO LITTLE?...dont forget this is a small machine)
1GB DDR2 of RAM (which I'll upgrade to 2-3GB once I get a chance)
and a full 40GB HDD (which is comparable to a laptop)
The screen is small about the normal size for a UMPC, 7" across.
OH! Did I mention it was a Tablet? (Heh...here's to you Gavin!!!)

Its gonna be a great little toy for myself to tinker around with.
The lack of a keyboard is gonna be a drag but I guess that's the point.
The UMPC is supposed to be a bridge between a laptop and a PDA (which I both have but found impractical for lugging around everywhere I go).

Plus...if I really needed a keyboard, I'll just get a small Bluetooth PDA keyboard to pair up with the Samsung, which I'll probably name "ICIS-Portable" (in line with all my computers).

This doesnt just stop there. Talk about Pandora's Box.
Firstly...it'll be the above mentioned RAM and Bluetooth Keyboard.
Then I'll probably also try to get a cheap 2nd-3rd hand Fujitsu U1010, which is also another UMPC. Just so I can compare the 2 machines.

The Fujitsu U1010

So what else is in the near horizon?
There is another machine I might wanna try out but only if I can find a cheap one in a few months. It's the htc shift.

The htc shift

It has a built-in keyboard and is rated as one of the most promising devices and it is due to hit the streets in September.

I wonder if this is what I have been looking for.
A job that I might actually enjoy for the rest of my life.
A job that will allow me to test (and probably review) new gadgets that come out into the market. Give tips on tweaking and etc.
The dream job of a tech nut indeed.
Now I just need to get myself into that job.


Keeping my mouth shut

Its nights like these that remind me to keep my trap shut.
Dont say anything...dont get involved with anything.
Nothing good ever comes out of getting involved with something that doesnt concern you.


Why asian guys can't get white girls

ESP somewhere in the middle.
All those Russell Peters fans will know what I am talking about

Template Fixed

Ok...just a slight change to better utilize the space on the screen.

Added 200px to the width of the page.
Changed the corners to fit the new width by editing the graphics.

Geeky stuff but tt's what I do.

Rejection Woes

Sitting here hungry even though I just had my lunch.
A small pathetic nuked lunch.
But this isnt the reason I am a tad depressed.

I had a meeting with an insurance agent on Monday to discuss possible income protection that I can get. All seemed well. But he asked for my vitals. ie. Height and Weight.

This morning, he called to tell me that he cant find insurance agency that will cover me for income protection (this isnt even health insurance) because of my BMI. So yes!
Rejected again.

I should be used to it by now but it still feel like someone kicked me in the stomach nonetheless.

The solution is simple isnt it? Lost weight. DUH!
That is simpler said that than. I know I need a more extreme change but motivation is a pain.

Doesnt help when I dont have a "wingman" character in my life. Someone who will agree with me no matter what. Feeding words of support and angry words towards those who "attacked" me.
It is self indulgent, and pointless. But that doesnt discount the need to hear those words when you are down.


B Returns Home....Soon

Well...I am heading home...soon...well...not exactly.
Finally called SIA to change the date of my return flight.
So for those reading and for some reason is interested, I will be returning back home, to good ol' Singapore on

27th December 2007
and will arrive at

Got that?


New Layout

Well...got bored with the old all-blue site.
Picked another template that had a bit more colour and variety.
I think it's more pleasing.
Still feeling tired all the time.
Need to have a muse/distraction/movitator.
Yaaaawn...back to work.


Another Sickly Episode?

Feel totally shitty today.
Chucked a sicky to get out of going into the office.
Just my insides really feeling terrible.
Dunno why.
Maybe it is the food from last night? Can't be...the food was great and the other 5 people are all good.
Maybe it is my energy levels? On a down curve?
Or maybe even my emotional stability?
I really don't know.
But all I know is, it'll be over in a few days.
It always has.
Its just getting through this period.


Mark 6000 Visitors

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

6000 Visitors already to this site.
I mean...it isnt a huge number of course...I know of people with more visitors in the shorter period of time but never have I even imagined I could get to this number.
Hahaha...so pathetically proud.

So mark, since 15th March 2006 (1 Year, 5 Months less 2 days).
10K...here we come!

New Online Photo Album

I finally got myself a Flickr account.
Easy since I already have a Yahoo account.
It can be found @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/nuttytentacle/

But for those on the lazy side, you can find the National Day Ball photos here @
this link

Keep checking because I'll be adding more photos as I get them from Alan, Justin and whoever took photos last night.

Okies...going to bed now...tired and aching all over...[groan]


Wondering What To Do

What can I do now?
Took today off because I felt I was peaking my continuous work hours.

So what did I want to do?
- Collect my Jacket (sadly the stupid courier people didnt bring it in)
- Setup my "recording studio" in the living room
- Relax

But what have I been doing?
- Woke up a little later
- Had breakkie
- Entertaining Debs online
- Relaxing

What I intend to do?
- Have lunch
- Go walk walk in the city
- See if the post office has my package
- Search for the love of my life (HAHAHA....RIIIIIGHT)

Tomrw is so going to be insane la.
National Day Ball again.
It has been what?...6 already?
Going to be fuuuunnnnn...I hope
Have to take photos tomrw, how to enjoy?

More Quizzes...Sandwiches

You Are a Club Sandwich

You are have a big personality. It's hard for anyone to ignore you!
You dream big. You think big. And you eat big.
Some people consider you high maintenance, but you just know what you want... and when you want it.

Your best friend: The Tuna Fish Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


Details Here



Just another boring weekend

That is so far from the truth.
I have been busy this weekend.

One thing that I finally got down to doing is the update of the Singapore Club of QLD website. Installed Joomla on the server and now there is a new system for the content. Luckily, I am tasked to take care of one of the website at work that uses Joomla as well. Lucky me. So that's Friday for me.

Things really got exciting on Saturday. Went into the city to get the clothes for the National Day Ball. Quite excited really...got my new shirt, pants, and my hat. Wait for photos!!! Hahaha. Then in the evening, got the gang together for a dinner party. Spent a better part of the afternoon preparing a chicken curry, lamb cutlets, a special dressing for salad and a warm apple cinnamon drink. Mmmmmm. It was so fun and we watched "Date Movie" while we ate and spent time together. I love these gatherings. Like i mentioned to someone, they help make the loneliness easier to bear. ROFL

And today was quite slow. But it was great...just like I planned it.
Went to church at noon, had lunch with Nadia and Joel, went to JB Hifi and got myself a really overly discounted copy of NFS Carbon. Also picked up a glow egg that Debs mentioned before I think. Hehe...more mood lighting in the house...nice.
Anyways...came home to have a go at the new game; it isnt half bad. Justin came over for dinner and to pass me the tickets for the ball that I had to distribute to the people who bought them through me, and he brought a copy of the recording with some post production done on it. We're still not there yet but I sure hope the final product will be great.

So here I am now, sitting on the couch in the living room typing this on my laptop. Lindsay returns tomorrow and thus means this kinda lounging in the living room will be limited. But so wat? I had my couple days of the house to myself. It was fun, but boring. I need noise in the house...hahaha....typical city boy I am.


Almost Cheated




Almost got cheated this morning on my way to work.

Hopped onto a Yellow Cab from Albert Street to rush to work and once I got on, I saw the readout for the fare. It had "1.10 surcharge" already on before the driver pressed the button to start the fare.
Went about telling him how to get to my office as usual with that thought in mind.

When we finally got to my office, lo and behold, the fare jumped up by $1.10.
So I asked him, "I thought there wasnt a surcharge if you got onto a cab at a taxi stand?" and all he could reply was, "I dunno what happened". Well...something to that effect. I was pretty peeved by that time so I just told him the fare before the extras appeared, he seemed pretty compliant, naturally, since he just got caught out!

So people!
Becareful when you are in cabs. Always keep a lookout at your meter just in case there are some out to scam you. I mean $1.10 isnt a lot of money of course, but I dont like to be cheated, do you?
I still remember the cab number. Should I report this? Hmm...