SAM, Photos and Thai Food

No...its not a missile platform...my Samsung Q1 arrived!!!
Finally got it when it arrived yesterday at the office.
But getting the wireless at home to work with it has caused me grief and a late night yesterday.
It still is giving me alot of problems but I shall prevail and overcome.

Today has been quite exciting.
Started the day normally and finally decided to give the Celebrity Slim meal replacement shakes a go during lunch.
Not bad. Tried the chocolate flavoured shake.
It was nice....very nice...but the quantity makes sense, very very little.
It IS supposed to be for a diet.
I am supposed to replace 2 major meals (breakkie and lunch) out of a planned 6 mini meals in a day.
A small healthy snack between breakfast and lunch and one more before dinner.
But I dont think I'll be following that diet to the 'T'.
Will just replace lunch and a few breakfasts in a week.
And supplement with exercise.
Maybe I CAN change my lifestyle...albeit a little slower.

Then as the day came to a close at the office, I logged onto my Flickr account to have a check for comments. And to my surprise, I found 2 new ones.
Both invites to post 2 of my photos on a community group.
Yay! I am happy.
I am still an amateur when it comes to photography but it definitely feels good to be acknowledged sometimes.

So dinner time came.
It was pouring when I left the office so it took me forever to get to Chinatown, where I planned to meet Mervyn for dinner at a Thai Cafe that was run by his friends.
Hahaha....anyone wants to go? Just drop me a line and we'll go!
They have KUAY CHUP!!!!!!
Ok ok...gotta stay in control...diet! Diet! DIET!
Anyways...it was great having dinner with Mervyn. Always a great time to be had.
Too bad we dont do it enough.
He's too busy or I am instead.
But always cool when we do.

I guess those are the highlights of today.
I don't write enough I reckon...so I will TRY to report on daily (maybe 2xdaily) happenings here in good ol' sunny (although rainy and cold for now) Brisbane.

Debs returns to work tomrw and will resume her email terrorising.
Hahaha.....joking joking!

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