Positive Thinking VS Real Life

As usual...it has been a while since I wrote.
Not for the lack of something to write about.
Things are happening all the time...just this past weekend, there was a housewarming, then a birthday party, club meeting and then a brief but productive recording session out in whoop-whoop (Make an educated guess).

But as I am sitting here at my desk, with an episode of "No Reservations" playing in the background, all I can think of is what a fellow ex-co member mentioned to me after the meeting just now; words of hope, of "the best case scenario", of positive thinking.
HA! I so want to believe in those words. Many others have fortified the sentiment with similar words in the past but it comes back to experience...my own experience in life...Real Life.

Things aren't a bed of roses. And what you ask/hope/pray for doesn't always happen. People always do what you expect of them...but only when it pertains to the bad things. Of course there are cases to the exception...not often though.
So should I look forward to those rare cases when cynicism fails and the 'good' prevail? I wonder indeed.

On a side note: still trying to decide whether to go for World Youth Day or not. ARGH!


Crouching Tiger

Can't believe I actually woke up to watch the PGA US Open Finals Playoff.
Sleepy now.
Tiger Woods won! YAY!
Unspectacular though.
Not one of those moments where you would've gone "WOW!!!!"
The other guy (Rocco Mediate) choked on the final hole...but they DID play to a draw to the 18th and then to sudden death.


Article to Share

Ok ok...I know I havent been writing. MAJOR case of laziness...but I love to share stuff so enjoy this read.

Getting by in Singapore - Economist.com


Dangers of Mobile Phones

Just HAD to share this.