Always Around the Corner Waiting

Always around the corner waiting for me...is a bug waiting to make me sick.
Go to Singapore...sick.
Come back to Brissy...sick.


A Few More Hours

Sigh...I dislike this kinda countdowns..."Hrs Left in XX"
So I will be gone in less than 10 hrs.
I will miss you my love...my darling.
My body leaves but my heart has always been here with you.
Miss Me!


Miss Me Dearly

Sigh....one more day left in SG before rushing back to Brissy.
To this country and the people I care for:

"Miss me...for I shall Miss you Dearly"

All the things I will leave behind again.
All the joys and struggles I cannot share with you all.
I regret not being there...not about to be there.
Keep me close to your heart and I shall keep you close to mine as well.
And Farewell!


Hell In The Tropics

The HEAT!!!!
I can't stand the HEAT!!!!
I am sweating bucket loads everyday...sigh!!!
Maybe I'll be lighter when I go back cos it'll be like being in a sauna for 6 days here. (Nah...unlikely)
Help meeeeeeee....


Tonight I Leave You Baby

Brissy Baby!!!
I am leaving tonight.
I feel so insecure...so hesistant.
Will you forgive me for leaving?
I'll be back soon....real soon.
Don't forget me.
Love me like you always have...


The Visit of the Chua [Part 1]

I am sneezing like a madman suffering from fits.
Probably thanks to a certain 'visitor' leaving the bug behind before going back to his nest....HAHAHA...THANKS CHUA :P

So Chua paid a visit to Brissy from Perth starting 2 weeks ago. Just a bit after Debbs and Ames came by as well. Nicely timed to Labour Day here in QLD...but only got here at the morning after so there wasn't really much time to go out and enjoy ourselves. (The rest of us gotta work as well)

After dropping off his bags, we had breakfast at Maccas before I rushed off to work...very late. It was fun...something I usually neglect to do cos I am rushing to work anyways. After that...the rest of the week was mostly having dinner with other friends who wanna catch up with him. Nothing really special - Chua WAS here to relax and take a break so it was all good. But all this 'slacking' was only leading up to the main event...so to speak...of this trip. The overnight camp out in the wilderness.

The plan was to go to Moreton Island and camp overnight there but after some deliberation, planning, and organising (mostly by Chua), we were heading to the Benarkin State Forest where there was a camping ground and camp fires were allowed. (Photos in earlier post) It was super good fun. The drive up to the site was sorta normal except the constant pitstops we took.

First...we took the wrong road and ended up in Redcliffe...not that bad cos we ended up having a nice lunch there. Mervyn and Chua had the seafood pack and I had one of the best fish burgers in my life. (DOWN WITH FILLET-O-FISH)
Next we stopped at Caboolture for the final supply pitstop where we picked up more potable water, chocolates and a bottle of wine. (Hahaha...camping with wine...classic!)

The rest of the drive was the best road trip since...who knows when. Our road directory stopped at Caboolture and we winged the rest of the journey. Using only road signs to guide us. (We DID ask one person for directions back onto the highway at Kilcoy) 3 guys on the road...noisy and practically burning each other senseless (I was anyways...mwahahaha)...and the best part was just to come.

We finally reached the edge of the forest and have to go off the sealed roads and onto 4WD territory. Man!...the vehicle we rented (albeit 4WD) was NOT meant for going off road. We bumped and shook all over the place even though we drove at a dizzying 20-40kph. A full 14km off dirt road before we reached the first campsite. The view was great of course...but still...ouch, cough, wheez. Anyways, the first campsite was deserted...no one was there but we decided to drive to the next one (there were only 2) since we couldn't find the firewood there and the place seemed very exposed. Another 10 mins on the road, we got the the 2nd campsite.
NICE!!! The place was huge...the designated campfire sites were nicely spaced apart, there was firewood right there and we werent totally alone. There was another couple camping there but we decided to find our own corner and set up camp.

(to be continued...)


I Should Write

I should really be writing about Chua's visit to Brisbane.
2 week's worth of updates....DAAAAAMN.
Soon soon...maybe sometime tomorrow.
When I take a break @ work.


Firstly...the Peektures

Let's have the pictures first shall we?
Will write about the camping trip soon.

First...Buddha's Birthday Festival in Southbank 2 weeks back:

Buddha's Birthday 2008 - Southbank

And of course...the Camping Trip to Benarkin State Forest:

Camping Trip - Benarkin State Forest


Return From Blackbutt

(more like Benarkin State Forest)
Sleepy...tired...just wanna go to bed.
We are back in Brissy...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN
Photos and update to follow...but...not...now...zzzzzz


A Camping We Will Go

Hmm....tomorrow we'll be going camping.
Some place called "Black Butt"?
Hahaha...don't ask. I dunno anything.
Chua planned it all...I still think something will come up short but hey...let's try to put a positive outlook on it.
Time to feed the wildlife.