JB Hifi Madness

A new
JB Hifi is opening soon at the MacArthur Central foodcourt.
The temptation will grow exponentially whenever I buy groceries.
Is that bad? Hahaha.


Of All Things...

You know...of all things that can bring a tear to my eye, the only book or set of book that can do that is Harry Potter.
I dunno why.
Getting sucked into the story is so easy.
Just finished reading The Half Blood Prince again...Just felt like doing it after arranging my books on the shelf.
Going to start on the final book again soon.
This is why the movies are important to me...seeing the story in front of me...'REAL' and such...makes it all the more...well...real.
I can't wait really.
Next year November and then in 2011...near my birthday...That's my plan.
For my 31st, that's where I'll be...at the Movies.


Familiar Settings

This scene is familiar.
Me sitting at the quiet part of the MacArthur's foodcourt. Just finished my KFC lunch and a magazine on the table. Listening to music typical of shopping centre foodcourts.
It was a few weeks ago I think that I was here.

It's interesting to be alone sometimes. It gives one a chance to reflect. To be away from the normal crowds on the city streets. But yet not at home alone where you get a different feeling. I get a sense of peace albeit with a little loneliness.

Just thinking about what has happened over the last few weeks. Blessed I am to find and get the job that I enjoy doing. To be able to work less hours than most, do my own things because now I have time, and strive to self improve.

With all this comes that reminder that I don't have someone to share this joy with. Not being greedy. I know I should be happy and thankful for what I already have. Just on Thursday I was telling Mervyn about the joys of just being happy about the little joys in life. Free dinner compliments of Conrad Treasury isn't that bad no?

I am positive the feeling will pass. But for now. Short as it possibly may. I am lonely.


Me, Harry and the Half Blood Prince

Just came home after watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
Loved it.
Darker, sadder, but yet with hints of hope and happiness.
I know the plot already since I have already read the book but still...like the ones before this...watching it on the big screen always makes it a little more special.
My emotions were definitely pulled along as the movie unfolded.
And if you believe in mood rings - I only realised this AFTER walking out of the cinema - mine was red/white.
I think that reflects excitation/frustration?
All true at the end of the movie.

Can't wait for the final 2 movies based off the last book.
I sure hope they space them only months apart.
Sure can't imagine waiting years between the last 2 especially since they are from the same book.

Loved it.
I know...they are the same 2 lines above but nothing says 'TRUE' better than repetition.


Teaching Matters

I am exhausted. Now I understand the suffering my teachers had to go through back when I was still a student.

Being on your feet for most of the day.
Speaking for almost 8hrs straight.
Brain working overtime searching for the correct answers to questions from students.

But it's satisfying. After a long day, there is really a sense of accomplishment. Hopefully the sentiment isn't an illusion.

So let me enjoy this absolutely yummy curry chicken rice that has just arrived at my table. Mmmmmm.