A first for 2012

Well. It has been a while since I wrote anything. Seems not so long ago though. It's almost march and the new year felt like it was only a days back. So here I am now again at the food court in MacArthurs.

I want to say that is has been an exciting year to date but it really hasn't. CQU's summer semester ended like a flash. Working at the accommodations office also felt like a dream. So quickly over like a dream anyways.

This coming week marks the first week of the first semester for 2012 in the universities. I am back to teaching the database and programming classes again at CQU. Might be exciting and different because we will have domestic students joining us now. We will see.

Also got a part time gig working for the ISS in QUT to make changes to their systems. New territory but should be fun...hopefully.

All the unknowns are killing me. Lol.