Lost Time (with my UMPC)

Sigh...I found out today that Fedex doesnt divert packages to Aussie Post if no one is at home.
You need to either divert the package to another address (which costs more money) or be home when they next come by.
So I went for the divert. Which costs $15 dollars more. Sigh...troublesome siah.
Plus that means I could have the Samsung Q1 in my hands now (maybe even blogging from it) if I had told the seller to send it to the office.

Mental Note: Always divert Fedex and UPS packages to the office

I am so bored...lucky got "Love Actually" on the tele and Nadia and Linds just came back with another CASE of Pure Blondes.
Hahaha...I cant drink....sick...UGH!!!!

Anyways...just needed to bitch...cant wait to get the Q1 in my hands.

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