Rejection Woes

Sitting here hungry even though I just had my lunch.
A small pathetic nuked lunch.
But this isnt the reason I am a tad depressed.

I had a meeting with an insurance agent on Monday to discuss possible income protection that I can get. All seemed well. But he asked for my vitals. ie. Height and Weight.

This morning, he called to tell me that he cant find insurance agency that will cover me for income protection (this isnt even health insurance) because of my BMI. So yes!
Rejected again.

I should be used to it by now but it still feel like someone kicked me in the stomach nonetheless.

The solution is simple isnt it? Lost weight. DUH!
That is simpler said that than. I know I need a more extreme change but motivation is a pain.

Doesnt help when I dont have a "wingman" character in my life. Someone who will agree with me no matter what. Feeding words of support and angry words towards those who "attacked" me.
It is self indulgent, and pointless. But that doesnt discount the need to hear those words when you are down.

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