Just another boring weekend

That is so far from the truth.
I have been busy this weekend.

One thing that I finally got down to doing is the update of the Singapore Club of QLD website. Installed Joomla on the server and now there is a new system for the content. Luckily, I am tasked to take care of one of the website at work that uses Joomla as well. Lucky me. So that's Friday for me.

Things really got exciting on Saturday. Went into the city to get the clothes for the National Day Ball. Quite excited really...got my new shirt, pants, and my hat. Wait for photos!!! Hahaha. Then in the evening, got the gang together for a dinner party. Spent a better part of the afternoon preparing a chicken curry, lamb cutlets, a special dressing for salad and a warm apple cinnamon drink. Mmmmmm. It was so fun and we watched "Date Movie" while we ate and spent time together. I love these gatherings. Like i mentioned to someone, they help make the loneliness easier to bear. ROFL

And today was quite slow. But it was great...just like I planned it.
Went to church at noon, had lunch with Nadia and Joel, went to JB Hifi and got myself a really overly discounted copy of NFS Carbon. Also picked up a glow egg that Debs mentioned before I think. Hehe...more mood lighting in the house...nice.
Anyways...came home to have a go at the new game; it isnt half bad. Justin came over for dinner and to pass me the tickets for the ball that I had to distribute to the people who bought them through me, and he brought a copy of the recording with some post production done on it. We're still not there yet but I sure hope the final product will be great.

So here I am now, sitting on the couch in the living room typing this on my laptop. Lindsay returns tomorrow and thus means this kinda lounging in the living room will be limited. But so wat? I had my couple days of the house to myself. It was fun, but boring. I need noise in the house...hahaha....typical city boy I am.

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