Almost Cheated




Almost got cheated this morning on my way to work.

Hopped onto a Yellow Cab from Albert Street to rush to work and once I got on, I saw the readout for the fare. It had "1.10 surcharge" already on before the driver pressed the button to start the fare.
Went about telling him how to get to my office as usual with that thought in mind.

When we finally got to my office, lo and behold, the fare jumped up by $1.10.
So I asked him, "I thought there wasnt a surcharge if you got onto a cab at a taxi stand?" and all he could reply was, "I dunno what happened". Well...something to that effect. I was pretty peeved by that time so I just told him the fare before the extras appeared, he seemed pretty compliant, naturally, since he just got caught out!

So people!
Becareful when you are in cabs. Always keep a lookout at your meter just in case there are some out to scam you. I mean $1.10 isnt a lot of money of course, but I dont like to be cheated, do you?
I still remember the cab number. Should I report this? Hmm...

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