Wondering What To Do

What can I do now?
Took today off because I felt I was peaking my continuous work hours.

So what did I want to do?
- Collect my Jacket (sadly the stupid courier people didnt bring it in)
- Setup my "recording studio" in the living room
- Relax

But what have I been doing?
- Woke up a little later
- Had breakkie
- Entertaining Debs online
- Relaxing

What I intend to do?
- Have lunch
- Go walk walk in the city
- See if the post office has my package
- Search for the love of my life (HAHAHA....RIIIIIGHT)

Tomrw is so going to be insane la.
National Day Ball again.
It has been what?...6 already?
Going to be fuuuunnnnn...I hope
Have to take photos tomrw, how to enjoy?

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