Portablilty Rocks! (?)

So...got a new craze recently.
Got into researching portable computers and I came across something I read up once long long time ago: Small-form computers.
Or in this day and age, Ultra Portable PCs (UMPCs).

I cannot remember clearly but OQO probably made the first ultra portable PC that I have ever seen on the Internet.
But look how far this market has moved on since then (probably around 2002 when I first found out about them).

How did I end up in this huge hole of excitement? I stumbled across a set of websites that gave UMPCs lots of focus and well...I found their arguments for the UMPC's viability compelling. They are
and this blog

After hours of reading and watching videos introducing the different devices in the market and upgrading options for the crazed techie tweaker, I finally decided to get myself one to try out.

The one I finally decided to buy (and did purchase) is this one.

The Samsung Q1

A full 1GHz of processing power (now...for those who just went...WAT? SO LITTLE?...dont forget this is a small machine)
1GB DDR2 of RAM (which I'll upgrade to 2-3GB once I get a chance)
and a full 40GB HDD (which is comparable to a laptop)
The screen is small about the normal size for a UMPC, 7" across.
OH! Did I mention it was a Tablet? (Heh...here's to you Gavin!!!)

Its gonna be a great little toy for myself to tinker around with.
The lack of a keyboard is gonna be a drag but I guess that's the point.
The UMPC is supposed to be a bridge between a laptop and a PDA (which I both have but found impractical for lugging around everywhere I go).

Plus...if I really needed a keyboard, I'll just get a small Bluetooth PDA keyboard to pair up with the Samsung, which I'll probably name "ICIS-Portable" (in line with all my computers).

This doesnt just stop there. Talk about Pandora's Box.
Firstly...it'll be the above mentioned RAM and Bluetooth Keyboard.
Then I'll probably also try to get a cheap 2nd-3rd hand Fujitsu U1010, which is also another UMPC. Just so I can compare the 2 machines.

The Fujitsu U1010

So what else is in the near horizon?
There is another machine I might wanna try out but only if I can find a cheap one in a few months. It's the htc shift.

The htc shift

It has a built-in keyboard and is rated as one of the most promising devices and it is due to hit the streets in September.

I wonder if this is what I have been looking for.
A job that I might actually enjoy for the rest of my life.
A job that will allow me to test (and probably review) new gadgets that come out into the market. Give tips on tweaking and etc.
The dream job of a tech nut indeed.
Now I just need to get myself into that job.


nadia said...

omg... this is such a geeky post!

nadia said...

but.. who am i to talk? when i get excited over the installation of leximancer on my computer :p

the-red-knight said...

I actually had to check out what leximancer meant.
But you already know that I AM a geek what.
All to natural...in fact...I am surprised I dont have more of these posts.