The Journey Commences

So...the last Harry Potter book was 'released' yesterday at 9am AEST.
Having planned to wake up earlier and go down to Borders bookstore to line up for the book...things didnt happen as such naturally.

Had a relatively late night the night before at the final house party at Sehej's place.
So I ended up waking at 9am thinking "CRAP".
Went down within 15mins and found a line so long it ended at Satay Club.


Was totally annoyed la...so I ended up going for breakkie at KF, having some cravings since the night before.
Finished at around 9.45 and found the line just a little shorter: at Pane e Vino.

But it didnt stop there.
One of the staff from Borders came over and informed us that we were in the "Pickup" line and that we had to go finalise our orders.
So I rushed to the front of the shop, lined up at another queue which took forever to move, paid, went back to the long line (which by now fortunately had shrunk to where Night Owl was. And after a terrible 1hr of queueing, I finally walked out of Borders with my own copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Rushed home and started reading...only to realise I needed to stop after 100pages that I needed to get ready for the Singclub meeting in the afternoon. UGH!
Stopped...did some work on the laptop, Justin arrived to pick me AC and Aunt Doris, had the meeting, dinner to celebrate Anthea's husband's birthday, and finally back home. Which was about 9.30 already I think.

Continued reading but eventually had to give up after another 300pages.

So finally at around 4.30am, at page 400, I gave in and went to bed.

This morning, I woke up around 11am but felt absolutely tired and sleepy. Dragged myself out of bed, packed my book in a pouch, and went off to church. (Such a journey indeed). Had lunch with Lindsay and Joel, went to Jeremy's, ordered a Chai and continuted with the book.

The 2 of them came and kept me company after they went for groceries but eventually left as well. Finally around 5.15pm, seeing that Jeremy's was about to close for the day, I packed up, and went home. Around page 525.
I was going nuts already.

Rushed back, got comfortable, jumped onto my bed and continued reading. The slowest 1.5hrs proceeded I slowed down my pace to fully absorb the last scenes described. And around 7pm, almost 36hrs (well...more like 32hrs but that doesnt sound dramatic) after I got the book in my hand, I finally closed the book in front of me, with my semi-sweaty fingers, Satisfied, Happy, Closure.


nadia said...

oh my god. that is insane

Jeff said...

Power! Can T-loan your book now? :p