the one with the unspoken words

i like you.
probably more than i should.
being around you gives me a rush a joy and yet...not being able to tell you more cuts deep inside.
your laugh and your smile is what i hope to see or hear everyday.
i was living in darkness for eternity it felt.
then you came along, and brought sunshine into my life once again.
how cruel is the world for allowing me to feel happiness again only to take it all away in a flash.
these words you'll never hear from me.
my own rules forbid them to be said to you.
perhaps one day you might guess, but it'll probably never happen.
you are happy now.
and that is all i want for you.
this time i take a step back, and not tempt fate anymore.
because the last time i did so, i fell hard and almost didn't survive.
so alas, this time, i fade into the shadows...as i have always done.


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