the one with the masks

just got back from ssa's masquerade party.
the party was ok and the people were great....i guess it was just me.
the place held too many memories, and many new (not cheerful) ones added on tonight as well.
i tried to enjoy myself...and at the start...it was ok...i was enjoying myself a little more than i'd thought i might have.
but as the night progressed...the whole sullen feeling just hit like a truck.
i mean, i had fun...having drinks and laughs with friends and some of which i havent seen in a while.
but there was this shadow just lurking over me the whole night, and i guess it was my reflection again.
and there i was...behind a mask i have grown all to familiar with, all alone again in the night.


Postmaster-General said...

But are you truly alone?

the-red-knight said...

sometimes....that's wat it feels like

Chest Freezer said...

To: postmaster-general

Could you send my Hogsday wishlist to the great A'Tuin?

I liked that book.

Anonymous said...

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