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Dysthymia (Minor Depression)
Dysthymia is a disorder with similar, but longer-lasting and milder symptoms than clinical depression. By the standard psychiatric definition, this disorder lasts for at least two years, but is less disabling than major depression; for example, victims are usually able to go on working and do not need to be hospitalized.

The symptoms of Dysthymia are:
poor school/work performance
social withdrawal
irritable hostility
conflicts with family and friends
physiological abnormalities
sleep irregularities
parents with major depression



nadia said...

You have none of the symptoms. You're not doing badly at work. At least not anyone is aware of. You're not socially withdrawn, you still go out and do stuff and meet people. You're NOT SHY... and you are not hostile and irritable. If anyone is prone to hostility its Lindsay. Oops.. anyway, you don't have conflicts with any of your friends and neither of your parents is depressed right?


the-red-knight said...

hahaha....you make it sound so simple. i guess it is in a way. a few things on that list is true though....just too good with the acting

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