the one with the alternate

watched 'the triangle' with the girls and mervyn last night.
got me thinking all over again.
what if there really are other realities in dimensions in parallel with ours?
a collection of multiverses.
where every decision you make creates another possible reality.
i wonder if there is another 'me' somewhere out there, living the max out of life.
haha...i am so jealous of 'myself'


Postmaster-General said...

trust me buddy, your alternate self if probably not living life to the max. If there was an alternate you I suspect he'd make the same choices.

Lil Minx said...

there may jus be 1 who'd be jealous of you!! but hey, you're the 1 living this life.... make it happen! or happening! that's my motto!

the-red-knight said...

good points made. sound arguments indeed. but you missed my point, if there is an alternate...the whole reason for his existence IS because he made difference choices. hahaha

the-red-knight said...

i will try to make this life happening. hehe....already on it!

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