writing from the office...sleepy and tired

hello everybody.
I am soooo sleepy my eyes are hardly open already.
there is no expression on my face except the droopy eyes that I have on now.
we arrived back in the city at around 6? and after dropping off luggage and the various homes, I hitched a ride to work and arrived at 7.30am in the morning. NOBODY is ever here in the office that early and I was alone.
Took my time to set up my desk...collect my thoughts and work on something I had on my mind during the trip.
Here it is:

Joker card with Arrow piercing it

dont understand?...its ok. supposed to be kinda abstract....representing my life as a whole. :)

anyways...will complete the road trip journal tonight perhaps, or when I finally can upload all the pics and link them online. So until then, continue reading.

Thank you for those of you who had us on your minds, hearts, and prayers. We are all fine and good, although a little tired and sleepy.

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