Canberra: A Trip in Review

I know I was supposed to get this done last night but I was too tired and continued sleeping like a lazy pig.
Well...I have finally gotten the photos up and online but realised that there are so many things I forgot to photograph in the midst of all the rushed chaos.
Oh well...

The logs of the trip can be found at:
The Roadtrip Log (Sat 0930hrs - 2257hrs)
The Roadtrip Log (Sun 0400hrs - Mon 0700hrs)

And the photos can be found at:
Canberra Roadtrip Day 1
Canberra Roadtrip Day 2
Canberra Roadtrip Day 3

Anyways...the trip.
All in all, I loved the trip. I had fun. At some times, I wanted to strangle something. And others, I wanted to just hide in a corner and cry. It was refreshing.

This will be short because it is late and I want to get to bed. But basically...the roadtrip was good. The event in Canberra was bad. We realised that the new guards over at Canberra didnt really bother about the students much anymore. Their aims might have changed, but I am just speculating. The old guards were nicer. And they remembered us from last year. As far as they see it, QLD has made the effort every year. Last year we went down in force and performed for them. This year, a small group of us drove down despite the lack of any support. With that, I felt proud to be involved.

Since I am still recovering from the trip, more sleep is needed...badly.
So...here's me...signing off

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