here we go again...

ah...it has been too long since my last entry.
just didnt feel like writing.
dunno why.
just not in the mood.
havent been in the mood for anything for so long.
not like there isnt anything to write about.
soooo many things have happened: SSA AGM, SSA Dance Party, new forum for the SSAs, Menopause the Musical, I injured my knee and limping now, our plan to go down to Canberra next week, and those are just a few...

like the typical Cancer, I am affected by mood, and I can tell you this, I havent been high spirited in a long long time.
I hate feeling like this. I can operate and go on with life, but i just dont want to. a real smile is hard to come by recently and I miss that feeling of being happy.
I am such an idiot.

how shall I start? dont really know...haha
lets see....probably not in order but on what I remember as I write this.
firstly...SSA AGM.
it is finally over for this year's committee. congrats to them for their hard work and events this year. for wat its worth...I enjoyed my time when I attended the events. Chia Erhn is the new president for next year...so it'll be interesting to see how things turn out next year.

the dance party a few days later was ok if not memorable. just 10-20 mins of arriving, I tripped and fell on my knee, confining me to the sofas for the rest of the night and even now...I am still off my legs as much as possible. it hurts! and physical pain added onto how I am feeling inside is not a good combination for any bit of sanity. I am erratic these days, and it takes a lot not to suddenly burst into a flourish of vulgarities and maybe even physical expressions of frustration.
I need to get this knee healed soon.

helped Alan setup a forum that he will use for his personal projects (although i didnt really help much because of software automation...lol). cant get into it too much until he is ready to unveil it to the rest of the world. but it is looking great.

a few weeks ago, we went down to watch Menopause. a musical about 4 women and how they dealt with hot flushes, mood swings and memory loss. it was great fun. laughed the whole 90 mins. although the actual trip there was horrid. we arrived later than planned, couldnt find parking and ended up on the other side of the hill. WOW!!! imagine...ME...climbing up this ridiculously steep hill only to go down its horrendous way down just to get to the theatre. lucky the actual musical was worth it. ended up at Doris T's place after for coffee and tea where we chatted into the night...it was great.

talking about musicals...accompanied Justin, Kimmy and her friend Kim to a meeting of an amatuer theatre group here in Brisbane. at first...I had thought it'll be great to be part of a group of people who are doing this production annually. well, that idea kinda got itself blasted when i got there. they had recorded the play on DVD and I was......left with less to say. it was......well....lets just leave it at that and you can imagine the rest away. sufficed to say, Kimmy and Kim wont be getting back to them anytime soon and probably...neither will I.

UM asked me whether I am interested in joining the SC to help them with their website. I didnt know what to say. it wasnt something new, they had asked before a while ago, but their AGM was coming up and they needed an answer. I said yes which kinda eventually led up to me learning lots about flash and CSS and etc about modern website design. should be interesting to see how I can help.

and finally, this coming weekend. the Singapore Community Day is on at the Singapore High Comm. at first, I had given up on the idea of going because the subsidy available is crap, flying over is too costly and there just wasnt enough people interested. well...not until sat when I had one of my large gatherings/bbqs/potlucks.
the few of us left at the end of the night started talking about it and somehow came to an idea. to drive down to Canberra in a Tarago. we started looking into prices of rental, lodging, and fuel. it was possible! and it is a bunch of people who are willing to go down and actually an spend time together without killing each other. one thing led to another and as of this morning, we had confirmed plans, participants, and costs for the trip. now I just need to compile roadtrip music and we are all go!

one small hickup did happen though. this sat, the SC had invited some of us (all involved with the trip) to a dinner that is to happen after their exco stepping down meeting. but with this new plan happening, we wont be able to go. when we told AC last night, she was not a happy camper to say the least. I was taken aback....WHY?!?!?! it's not like we are blowing off the dinner for a dance party or clubbing in the valley. we are going down to Canberra to further certain plans put into action recently. to meet people and be part of something important and significant. and wat I am still blur about is...what has their stepping down have to do with us??? we arent in the committee. I am so confused. what do you think?

tt's all I wanted to write about. cant think of anything more and the entry has already grown too long. cant expect too many people to read long entries. so here's me...signing off...and reaching for a gun to shoot myself.

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