a LIVE update from NSW

Hello everybody.
We are finally online and heading towards Canberra!!!
A little message from our motley crew:
Mervyn: nothing
Jeff: nothing
Anthony: "Damned shack ah!"
Alan: "12.50am and we are still alive!"

So lets see...a few more hours before we reach Canberra finally. There might not be anymore updates from now until Canberra or tomorrow morning. I wonder how siah, especially when the Dale probably won't be awake by the time we get to YHA Canberra. Where do we sleep? In the car? LOL!

Everyone is a little on edge already. Arguing over tolls and stuff. I think we are reaching our limits.

The next stop will see Mervyn taking over as driver and myself as V-Com.
Lets hope we make it in one piece.
Till next time (and I really wonder when this will be), here's me, signing off.

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