A Basic Gambit

just got back from lunch.
Mmmm...nice medium-rare beef rib eye from the Customs House Restuarant in the city. Best thing...company lunch...lol.
Havent had a good lunch since who knows when...so that was definitely an occasion.
The steak was accompanied by a light sauce, of which I have no idea what it was made of. But it had a hint of 'heat' in it, which Lindsay suggested might be paprika...who knows. But it resembles how some conversations go doesnt it?

Just last night. An old friend from JC dropped me a message on msn. It was good to hear from her. But she was in another place of course...a happy place.
And she wasnt gonna keep it a secret lo.

She's getting married in December and is all excited and elated about it. I mean...even with horrible students and loads of papers to mark (she's a teacher), she is still happy. HAHAHA. But it did raise suspicion that she msged just to tell me that lo.

In case you start thinking that I am annoyed with it, I aint. I love hearing good news like this. People getting married with someone they truely love always brings a joy within me to hear. It gives me hope that perhaps one day I might have the same in my life.

BUUUT....just like when Weixin told me Wendy said yes to him, it also causes that void in my chest to rumble and I feel a pain there again. I dont like feeling this way. But such is life and I gotta live with it(?). For now, I'll focus on the good news and pray for the loving couple.


Postmaster-General said...

cheer up buddy... how about lex? hehehehe... Anyway we all go through that yah. Hope your heart doesn't rumble when I tell you I'm getting married and you need to get your lazy ass over here to be my best man (unless you get married first, then greg will have to be best man)

the-red-knight said...

hey dude.
DUDE...comon man...haha...I just 'met' the girl. give me a break.

it will always rumble until i am happily tied down myself i guess. but duh...it doesnt change the fact that i'll rush over and be your best man. (thanks for the sentiment;))

i havent thought that far yet...maybe i'll design some weird elaborate means of having a band of brothers type for the best man role...lol