today is a good day to die (rest)

haha...gotta love those klingons.
anyways...called in sick today.
this morning was bad...felt clogged up, tired, and i just couldn't get a good night's sleep.
called the office and went back to bed.
didnt wake till 11/12
mulled around mostly in the bedroom (didnt really feel like moving around)
ely came over around 5 and nadia shortly after.
chatted with ely for a bit before we all went for dinner at AJ's.
good hot soupy noodles for the flu....mmmmmm......goood
came back...watched tv....ely went home....watched more tv....and here i am, getting ready for bed.
and on that note...gdnight!

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Postmaster-General said...

Everyday is a good day to die, and everyday is a good day to live