a sleepy morning

I am soooo sleepy.
finally fell asleep properly last night after so many nights of crap sleep, but i am still sooooo tired this morning.
how am i supposed to last through the day?

yesterday was fun!
the day started out with justin coming over to pick me up after anthony and we went down to the church over in st. lucia to set up for UM&AC's wedding anniversary mass. it was a rushed job!
30 mins to setup and 15 mins to packup after the event.
but the mass was great.
the singing was great as well.
i am still awed by astrid's rendition of 'ave maria'....wow!!!
the boys (anthony and i) made a few amusing mistakes during the mass and we'll be heading back to do a cast recording for the CD to be made...lol...so toot.

lunch was even better (a special lunch menu @ singapura...duh!)
chicken rice, hainanese chicken, sambal eggs, the best hokkien mee i had in ages, and the list goes on. a table was set aside for the 'younger' cohort of the group. namely, madiq, anthony, justin, alan, kimmy, astrid and myself. the boys of course brought up stupid topics that just amused the table; we had a lot of fun.

the karaoke was set up soon after lunch and the aunties went straight into it. and of course, i avoided the area until most had left before picking up the mic for ONE song...hehehe...it was fun, although the rest of the guys fly aeroplane and didnt take up the mic even once... :S

of course not forgetting the actual reason we were there, watching UM&AC renewing their vows and celebrating this joyful event with their friends and family, it was the best feeling just to be part of it. the love in the room was just great! i wonder if i'd ever find someone to spend 35yrs of my life with...sigh...

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