cant stop writing

argh....once i start i cant stop writing.
hahaha...this is like a wave as well...and now i am on the side with all the words on it.
bored to death at work and still outlasting my sanity here.
but it has been interesting just thinking about stuff while working on boring documents.
topic for today is: interesting relationships

among all the relationships that exist between people i know here in brisbane and back home, i have to say that most of them are based on very weird, if not totally insane dependencies. of course i cant elaborate without breaking anyone's trust but seriously...not many are based on simple things. but it seems a lot of them are together cos there is a need of something that the other person can offer. in some cases, love is also involved (you'd hope). but still, can these symbiotic relationships last? what if one day the thing that is being offered became redundant or diminished? will these partnerships last the test?

some examples of dependence are:
- the need for honesty and brutal truth
- the need for someone who is contrast to a past failure
- the need for someone to give into almost all their desires
- the need for physical satisfaction

can these things be sustained? only time will tell i guess...

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