another relaxing(?) holiday

well, here i am finally...resting; sitting down at my table just relaxing.
it's the ekka hols today and everyone was in a slow, relaxed mode.
hell...i only got out of bed @ 11 this morning. amazing!
i actually woke up @ 7 but i went back to bed and had a weird dream about saving the world from ultimate doom. the weirder part is, the people who were about to bring forth the end of days were people i knew from church...talk about weird. LOL

that pointless thing aside, it was slow today. went for lunch with yentheng and joel today. nandos is still the best la...hehe....half a chicken...mmmmm
then went for a shop in the myer centre. bought myself another puzzle and this one actually stumpped me. i still cant solve it although i finally got the general idea of what to do.
This is the puzzle i bought.

The Chain.

after we went to fat louis's for a game of pool, which ended up being snooker, but still we had fun nonetheless. it was fun. i actually had fun. it has been a long while since i played a pool/snooker game. i had fun.

came home after and watched 'Step Up' on the laptop. it was great! i love these dance movies. they actually make me want to get up off my ass and move. i wonder if i could ever dance well enough...lol.

talk about dancing, i must've really overdone it during the national day ball. it had been a long time since i moved my body as much and i had been aching for the past few days. but it is a good kind of pain. one type that i dont mind enduring for those few moments of release, those moments of freedom. sigh...

so here i am finally...getting ready for bed. another "productive" day ahead for me. i still seek the reason for my existence, and perhaps, it might come tomrw...

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