a fun weekend (and it aint over yet)

i am still coughing. :S
so annoying!
my nose is very accommodating and is almost cleared but my throat: UGH!

the week went by quite quickly....
took Monday and Tuesday off work to get some REAL R&R (it didnt really play out that way though).
Justin came over on Monday night to allow me to proofread the song sheets we are gonna use on Sunday for UM&AC's wedding anniversary mass. We filed them after that and that's it. no more talk about the choir until friday.

wed and thurs just disappeared with a blink and friday was a lightyear's difference compared. we had a lunch to send off Gary @ work; the lucky 3$#@%@$^ is going for a 6 week long vacation. if only contract workers could do the same (ponder...)
in the evening, we went for dinner somewhere in stretton to celebrate auntie Christine's, Doris T's and Angela's bdays. it was sooo embarrassing la. cos of my allergies to seafood, they ordered a special plate of pork ribs for me, and made me finish it ok! i am a little afraid of pork now....lol

today, woke up like...11.30am and that's only because joel called to ask me over to their new place. yes yes...nadia and joel finally moved one building away...imagine the horror! ROFL!
didnt get a chance to view the place until after dinner. it is one hellava place! NICE!!!! i am so jealous!
we hung out...had the booze as usual...and very soon after, everyone was having fun chatting. the topics....perhaps i should censor the conversation and just say it was.................erm.............eye opening (not to mention ear bleeding).
joel said i should write about the nonsense that happened but i think i should keep things in check for now. well...until i get pissed (yah! like that would happen) and remember that scene forever burnt into my retinas...hahaha.

anyways...back home now, and i think i should go to bed soon. early day tomrw with singing and eating then singing again.
so till next time...

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