a fun evening + an informative morning

ah...the memories...having fun...lol
lots came back last night when mervyn, cherry and lania came over for (guess!) MONOPOLY!!!
haha...it was fun...ruthless money grabbing and hording of resources all aimed at the total annihilation of your rivals...ah...the evil, the greed, the fact that it didnt happen (?!?!?!?!)
everyone was too nice, allowing rents to be forfeited, making nice deals, alliances made way too early. and not forgetting my being placed in jail twice wrongly.
but all in good fun and we left (well, mervyn and lania were stoned tired and slept for a bit before leaving) happy and satisfied.

this morning i woke up late...12pm late!
i was like...ugh...another day wasted.
joel wanted to go to ikea to shop for his new apartment, but i was too lazy to go. the never-ending walk from the bus stop to the holy grail of cheap (well, affordable) furniture. the heat from the fiery sun that might melt my thick layer of fatty cells...no way man.
plus...i need to get a haircut (it was coming alive, esp in the morning when i need it to stay down).

but before the inevitable demise of my long-ish crown, i actually had a decent conversation with an old time friend in taiwan, whom i hadnt spoken to in a long while. she was having problems of the boy kind (what else is worth gossiping over?). hope everything works out for her...she is too sweet to be hurt by another idiotic male who doesnt know how to act. anyways...it was a good chat and told her about my plans for japan and lo and behold, her first reaction was, "AH! now i can visit you in japan!". oh comon! that's like the standard reply from almost EVERYONE. amazing...like you need a reason like that to visit japan. haha...i wonder how that'll turn out.

anyways...i am back to mourn the pre-mature death of my hair by taking a long shower, so till next time, happy blogging...

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