the one with the graduation

another slow sleepy morning in the office today.
still struggling to get into full gear at work, but i'll get there...eventually
woke up to a message that weixin left me on msn,
their graduation was on monday and it totally slipped my mind.
it was only then did it strike me that May has arrived.
5 months into the year already.

i am happy for the guys back home who had their graduation, mine was fun and i hope their's was great as well...mmm...good (although expensive) food.
i guess the whole idea of graduation for QUT students is sorta screwed up.
i mean...most people would've started work, gotten on with their lives for several months already and then the graduation ceremony comes into play.
a little sad that it didnt come closer to the real graduation for everyone but in a way, it serves as a great way for old friends to meet up again to celebrate something common in all their lives.
i wonder how everyone is.

May also ushers in a period of memories of which i still am unsure whether i want to recall.
a little stupid and childish i guess, but i dont see anything cheerful to remember, or maybe i am just blind these days...


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