the one with the blank thoughts

rightfully-so, i am finally sitting down in front of a computer to type an update here.

many things have happened over the past few weeks or so, with packing my room as the main highlight over the past few days; while Lindz is in Melbourne on her break.

been thinking/reflecting alot over the past few weeks and finally, i am at the point where nothing new, if anything, comes up anymore.
i am still thinking alot, but it seems to be just for the sake of thinking, to keep my mind working.
watching michael on big brother (oh yes....it has begun again!!!), he reminds me of myself at times.
and a comment made about him by another housemate really hit me. what if one day my head blew up from over thinking...hahaha...that'll be cool (yet disturbing at the same time).

supanova (www.supanova.com.au) came back to brisbane a few weeks back and i totally enjoyed my time there la (photos, like many others, will be up eventually).
bought so many things this time round and enjoyed being in the company of like-minded geeky folk.

i just feel numb these days.
not really looking forward to things to come.
i guess there is no motivation anymore (not that there was much to begin with).
in some way, i am still affected by past events and many wasted nights have i lied down and wondered why i am not moving on, moving forward.
perhaps there are things just holding my back, but what can they be?
maybe it is so obvious but i am oblivious to it.
who knows?

perhaps a new dawn will rise for me soon.
with together with a nickname change on msn, a change in destiny might come as well...?


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