the one with destiny's knock

just watched the finale of will and grace. WOW!!!
imagine watching a series for sooo long you cannot even remember the time you started watching it. and the suddenly...it finally comes to an end. that alone is enough to drive your heart mad. but back to the topic, destiny.

destiny, the topic of the finale, that you cannot make it happen, that if destiny intended for something to happen, it will, no matter what.
it really does make things somewhat clear sometimes.
myself personally, i believed very much in destiny before i began my journey in Oz. the honest part of it is, i actually stopped believing in it for a while back; that you can make things happen with your own two hands; everything is within your control.

watching this episode made me realise that it was a coverup; a coverup of my inability to let things happen on their own. i want to be that naive person i was many years back, to believe that things really do happen for a reason, that destiny will bring people together, be it family, friends or lovers.

destiny. it goes by many names: fate, karma (maybe), divine intervention. whatever its name, what will you do, what will you do when destiny comes knocking on your door?


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