the one with the conspiracy theories

it seems that everywhere i turn to, i see conspiracies unravelled.
it is quite exciting really.
from a simple Big Brother twist to a possible UFO cover-up.
this is fabulous.
my head finally has something to ponder upon when i am bored.

the most recent one i read about was the case of Gary McKinnon of the UK hacking into NASA and US military computer networks in search of alien technologies which he believes exist but kept from the public.
his motivation is that these technologies, which he suspects produces free energy, should be shared with the world, especially in the wake of rising fuel prices.

i kind of agree with him on this.
technology like this should be shared with the world.
hundreds of people freeze to death or live in the dark of night everyday because they cannot afford fuel to warm themselves or to power their lamps.
but free energy can also bring out another evil into the world.
limitless energy will probably bring about a new generation of weapons that we can use to further increase the deaths brought upon by warlords and terrorists.
a literal double edged sword.

and as for alien technologies, one mentioned was anti-gravity technology.
it might be extra-terrestrial, or it might just be a development of our own.
i still remember reading and article about anti-grav-like behaviour generated by using capacitors. my limited memory recalls something about channelling the current within a capacitor and thus creating a resultant force which defies gravity.

it might have been a bogus study for all i know but i believe that McKinnon's suspicions have grounds for further investigation (like so many other people before have).
why else would the US want a harsh punishment for McKinnon?
do they have something to hide indeed?


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