the one with climbing rocks and inner obstacles

long long tiring day....but FUN!!!!
Photos (this time for real) will be up very soon, together with all the back-logged ones.
Went along for the SSA Rock Climbing thing today and boy...it was fun. Although all I did was belay for them; sadly, there was no harness big enough for me :'(
But it was still fun nevertheless.
Seemed like total fun la (minus the arm pain that comes with it, with people to attest to it).
It felt good having something to do during the weekends again.
More outdoorsy...instead of just hanging around the home or the city all the time. We need more of these activities to keep our lives interesting...lol

About to get into bed after switching between 2 movies on TV tonight; X-Men 2 & Love Actually.
Both tapping into my different emotions while I was watching them.
One churned my suspense for the up-coming X-Men 3 while the other brought back many memories of many months back.

I think I got too much emotion to go around...and it overwhelms me too easily.
Consumed and 'drowned' in it, emotion has been my driving force in almost every aspect of my life recently.
It wasn't always like that.
There was a time when I was in control, a time when had I shut up and let things be. I wonder what happened to that 'me'.

Jamie on BB said something that struck hard.
He said (or something similar), "You are my best mate and more here in the house and it is killing me that I can't talk to you".
Haha...go figure right?!


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