the one with the bus loop

an interesting thing happened on the way to work.
a lady on the bus asked me if the bus was going to Kelvin Grove or Carseldine.
the thing is, we were on the city loop bus.
it didnt take anymore time before she realised that she was on the wrong bus.
i told her where the bus to kelvin grove was and all she needed to do was to take the city loop back to unilodge and walk over.
but she got off at the same stop i did, in the middle of the city, at the other end of the bus route.
this got me thinking a bit.

whenever we make a mistake in our lives, is it alright to just ride the 'wave' until we arrive at our starting point? or should we get off as soon as possible and find a new route to take to our destination, where ever that is?
oh bother.....


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