the one with thoughts of a new career

anyone who has been keeping up with my ramblings since my last blog should know that i am unsatisfied with the career i have now. (not that i realy have one)
being in the programming line is a little....boring.
no excitement, no random craziness...and i think i need that.

had considered working in the uni, dealing with students and a myriad of problems to solve.
also considered getting into theatre, into the field of script writing and directing for musicals.
but now, there might be one new avenue for me to take, which is more probable...digital photography and art.

wat prompted this? This website, linked from Stacey's Blog.

Found several digital art and graphic tools available to me free and i'll be trying them out asap. Will post stuff up if they turn out any good.

And one good thing about this is...even if i dont go into it full time, the skills i acquire can be used in conjunction with my IT background.

Hehehe....my sis will be so annoyed if i ended up in that field before she does...

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